Convert your MIDI keyboard/pad into a soundboard!

Published: May 8, 2020 by Jenno Vink

The story behind this project

Checkout the source code. Or.. Download now (tested on x64, win 10)!

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As a hobby I started exploring to create digital music which I listen to, every now and then. Besides that, I used to play piano when I was younger. Thus, I bought a simple midi pad (AKAI LPD 8, see picture below).

AKAI LPD8 picture

Each of these buttons and knobs can be configured in Ableton (the program I use for creating music digitally). Every button can contain a sound which reminded me of the Dutch television program “Zondag met Lubach” in which the host also uses a MIDI pad (a slightly bigger version with more buttons).

Ableton is a very extensive program with a lot of functionalities. If the MIDI pad is used as a soundboard, only a small fraction of the functionalities are used.

That’s why I created a simple WPF application that assigns different sounds to the different buttons of the MIDI pad. I gained experience using the MVVM light library (I was already familair with MVVM).

Bottom line: it was fun to create such application in a short period of time. Besides that, I learned the basics of MIDI input and programming in short increments.

Here’s a quick demo:

hobby dotNet MVVM Software

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