Convert your MIDI keyboard/pad into a resharper code navigator!

Published: Jul 17, 2021 by Jenno Vink

The story behind this project

Checkout the source code.

In another blog post, I created a midi keyboard soundboard. When I’m navigating through a larger codebase, I thought it’s neat to have buttons to navigate to bookmarks. That’s why I decided to upgrade the existing soundboard project. The following midi pad is used (see picture below):

AKAI LPD8 picture

Instead of playing sounds, I used System.Windows.Forms.SendWait() to send keystrokes to the computer. These keystrokes maps to the resharper bookmarks. In this case, ctrl + (go to bookmark ) or ctrl + shift + (toggle bookmark ).

Using the application, navigating through code is more intuitive. Instead of going back- and forward all the time, use bookmarks. It’s easy to toggle a bookmark: just double-tap a button. A single tap will navigate to the particular bookmark.

I used my application for a week now, and it’s working for me: most of the times I know exactly where to navigate in a large codebase. Having bookmarks getting there is just a lot easier.

Fun fact: other applications also use ctrl + to navigate. E.g. Google chrome uses ctrl + 1 to go to tab 1.

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